About Us

Along with imparting the book knowledge, our goal is to bring a change in these minds by inculcating the moral & social values, which today's generation lacks.

Today is the world of intense competition and it's by learning only that one can train himself to face it. A building can stand firm & tall only if it has a strong foundation. Similarly a person can stand tall & firm in his or her career only if the educational foundation is strong.

Our emphasis at SNOW FLAKES is to provide a strong foundation in the early years of the education so a child grows up to make the best of career and is able to face the stiff competition.

We at SNOW FLAKES thrive to draw influence of education from an eclectic path that attempts to draw together aspects, ideas and values from different philosophies of education.

We at SNOW FLAKES thrive to educated this young mind towards goodness, values of life and honesty and shield them from distractions and being rebel.

Parents also play a vital role in up-bringing of a child & we expect our esteemed parents to come forward and walk along with us to fulfil our commitment in providing the best of education to our children.

Co-operation of parents is much needed to the school in implementing the changed methods of teaching and learning.